Who are we ?

Created by Serge Calamel in Marseille in 1984, Biotechni is a french manufacturer of orthopedic implants, specialized in hip, shoulder and spine surgery.

Biotechni is recognized as an innovative, reliable french player and engaged in orthopedic surgery.

Holder of several patents and brands, Biotechni continues to develop and improve its products in collaboration with french and international medical teams.

In this constantly evolving and very competitive field, Biotechni has managed to keep its independence in order to be able to make its own choices.

French Manufacturer of orthopedics implants since 1984

Ranked among the top 50 European orthopedic implant manufacturers by Research facts LTD in 2012


Biotechni has been capitalizing for 36 years in the development and manufacture of orthopedic implants.

To do this, Biotechni has continuously invested in state-of-the-art equipment and human resources.

With constantly evolving regulations, Biotechni has always been able to adapt to very strict requirements and obtain certifications for its products.

Listed in several arthroplasty registries and supported by its scientific studies for more than 20 years, Biotechni has a success rate that demonstrates the excellence of the quality and reliability of its products.

Our know-how is the result of close collaboration with surgical and scientific teams.


Certifications and regulatory

Biotechni est certifiée ISO 13485

French Manufacturer of orthopeadics implants since 1984

Ranked among the top 50 European orthopedic implant manufacturers by Research facts LTD in 2012

Biotechni products range , implant and associate instrument are CE 1639 certified

Production équipement



finishing department

International Presence

We are present in 27 countries

Taking advantage of its success with innovative implants on the French market, Biotechni has turned to the international scale in 1990.

Over the past three decades, Biotechni has been able to consolidate its positions on all continents. To date, our implants are sold in 27 countries, through an international network of trusted distributors.

Our flexibility and knowledge of the markets have seduced our international partners.

In the context of the economic and health crises facing the world, Biotechni is asserting its position and pursuing its commercial development.

France, Spain, Italia, Belgium, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Greece, Lebanon, UK, Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Ivory coast, Senegal, Congo, Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, New Zeland, Brasil, Venezula, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua.